Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
– Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo was a jack of all trades and a master in all of the skills which made him a great artist, engineer and philosopher. I consider myself being in seek of mastery. For that I am in a constant learning process. I believe in the beautiful complexity of simplicity.

I was born in Spain within family of intellectual art lovers. Both my parents, my sisters, some of my uncles and aunts and even grand parents, had some sort of technical higher education, medicine, economics, etc. But they all had a great sensibility for art, architecture, traveling the world and music. My mom took me to a magic show when I was 3 and I saw a clown playing sax. That was it! No, I did not realize I wanted to make magic tricks, or dress like a clown with huge clothes and a tiny sax… nor any combination of those. What I wanted to do in life was to INSPIRE, through images, words, sound… by living fully.

My training started at an early age of 4 years old in music school. For more than 20 years studied and performed in multitude of different stages and for multitude of different audiences: classical training, Opera, Jazz, rock scene, big band, electronica, arena rock, music festivals, local theater, …

I made a promise to myself when I was 15 years old. I´d always make my choices in life towards a fulfilled artistic career. So my dreams started to become specific and I set myself achievable goals. I started by moving to a different town to make music with my best friend. I continued by moving from Spain to Sweden to surround myself by an artistic scene more mature and richer.

We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.
– Tony Robbins

Thanks to the Swedish positive atmosphere and the teachings of my mentor, the music entrepreneur Håkan Lidbo, and other mentors I would read and listen to, I filled myself with the conviction that I could achieve anything. I had my long live dream of starring in Hollywood movies, so I started studying the art of acting and I wrote, produced and acted on my first film. While I was in pre production of my film “The Stockholm Bloodbath”, serendipity would enter stage left and I landed a role on the feature film “Huldra”, working with professional actors from Scandinavia. The ground work had been set and now it was time to cross the Atlantic and move to LA.

My secret is ‘simple’: eagerness, perseverance and respect.

My first produced (and acted) feature film “The Stockholm Bloodbath” has made it in a few international film festivals. I´m starting to write my next film which will be in Spanish, focused on the hispanic and latino market. I´m looking at the world with the hungry eyes of an excited newborn.